The Guinea Pig Club

This Club is designed to be inclusive for everyone who shares a love of animals, whatever your age our ability. The 14 members of The Guinea Pig Gang will be attending the sessions at various village halls across Hampshire and Surrey. Tickets are limited to 14, which allows each ticket holder the opportunity to have their own guinea pig for the full 40min session. Siblings, friends are allowed to share a ticket, but this does mean that you will have one guinea pig to share. 

The session is tailored to the audience, if you would like to sit away from everyone else with your guinea to cuddle and enjoy then that is totally fine, quiet areas are provided. In the group pen there are books on guinea pig care available to enjoy, as well as guinea pig story books for the children. A magnetic nutrition board is displayed for everyone to learn about correct feeding, and general guinea pig questions are encouraged. 

Tickets are £10 each, and pre booking is required to ensure we are not over subscribed. Please email ponypal@live.co.uk or www.facebook.com/ponypalstherapyteam to book your ticket.

Current Sessions:

24th August
The Hunter Centre 
GU27 2BW

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