Pony Pals - FAQ's


  • Can the pony go up steps/stairs?- No, the ponies can hop up the odd step, but they can not walk up or down steps to access a garden or inside a home. We can however walk through the property to access the garden for a party, or use the lift inside nursing homes. 

  • Do I need pay a deposit?- No, we always ask for payment in full after your booking, parties can be paid by cash or cheque on the day, therapy visits will be invoiced at the end of the month. If you do wish to cancel, you will not be charged but please just give us as much notice as possible.

  • How many children can attend a Pony Pals Party? As many as you wish, we can tailor the party around your requirements but in order for us to host the party,  a max. of 8 children works better as they can all be involved together. We have done parties of 30+ children which do work better if you can supply some extra games/activities. 

  • What if it is raining during our party? We will arrive at your party rain or shine unless YOU cancel the party. The pony will happily stand under a gazebo or in a garage for the party if the weather is bad, but we can not provide a gazebo. 

  • How far do you travel? Weekday visits are restricted to 30mins from Liphook, Hampshire. Weekend visits are restricted to 45mins. 

  • Can we ride the ponies? Our ponies are not insured or licensed for riding, they are insured for petting. 

  • Can you bring a pony and a donkey? Our van is only designed to carry one member of the team at one time, therefore our insurance only covers one team member to be at the venue.

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