UNICORN party £150
A tiny magical unicorn can be the star guest at your party! The children can groom him and have their photographs taken with him all in your backgarden! (or venue of choice). We stay for an hour and there is a choice of unicorn colours, silver and pink, gold and red, or a rainbow unicorn. 

This option is also a great "Surprise Guest" to make your little ones birthday extra special.

Our little unicorn is only 27 inches high, due to his tiny stature his parties are a little calmer than the action packed PONY parties. 2 children can groom and decorate him at one time, unlike 8-10 with Noodles at a PONY party. He is also too small for the children to whizz around an obstacle course with, like in the PONY parties, but the children are able to walk him around the garden. 

The guinea pig gang can tag along as well. 

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