Pony Pals Therapy Visits 

Our visits bring comfort to those with a love of animals, they rekindle lost memories and they create a conversation topic for the residents, staff and visitors. 

The team are insured to work inside and can work around furniture and medical equipment. 

They are house trained, but also wear a "just in case" nappy bag.
They also wear little trainers to allow them to work on laminate floors. 

These little visitors are greatly received by those that are unable to leave their bed. They will rest their head over the bedside to be groomed, petted or just to have a hand resting on their muzzle. 

We normally meet the more active residents in the lounge for petting and grooming, then pop round to meet those in their bedrooms. 

Time can be spent working with the residents to lead the pony, they are trained to walk beside a wheelchair or walking aid. 

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