Pony Pals Parties £125

Our parties are tailored for any age and ability.
Although our ponies are house trained and insured to come inside, we do only hold parties outside. Very small parties may be held inside with prior notice,  but the general noise and hubbub of the party can become too much for the pony inside a hall or house. A gazebo in the garden can provide shelter if it is raining, the pony can stand under it while the children groom and decorate him.
Parties are available for venues up to an hour from Passfield GU30 7RH .
We do not limit the amount of guests that you can invite, but please do bare in mind that only 6-8 children can physically fit around the pony at one time to groom. 

Our parties include grooming and decorating the pony, leading him around the garden and playing games with him. We keep the children entertained with maximum interaction with the pony and lots of tricks up our sleeve to keep the party moving along! 

Parties are available at 11am and 3pm, please book early to avoid disappointment. 

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