Pony Pals Parties
 £150 1 Hour
  £200 1.5 Hours

Option 1

Unlimited children with the pony being part of your party, the children can join in as they wish. You may be providing a bouncy castle/colouring in etc.

Option 2 

8 children max. We host the party, keeping all the children entertained for the full hour(s).

The activities for both options are the same, they include grooming, decorating the pony, and leading him around an obstacle course. Physically only 8 children can fit around the pony at one time to groom/decorate him. Our ponies are trained to walk beside wheelchairs, therefore all children can join in for the entire party.

Parties are available at 11am and 3pm, please book early to avoid disappointment. 

We travel up to 45mins from 
GU35 0HQ

Parties are held outside only, very small parties can be held inside with prior notice. You can provide a gazebo for protection from the weather. And YES, we are very happy to host an adult party too :) 

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